Then Some Folks Got Mask Cray…

I typically don’t check social media until well after midnight.  Why?  This is the time of my day where 1.)No one is in the office 2.)I need to be quiet because my husband is sleeping 3.)There is nothing else to do.

Today I got a surprise.  I didn’t make it very far in my newsfeed before I saw my first “Making me wear a mask to go in a store is discrimination” post.  Okay, lemme clear this up for everyone real quick.  Store owners can actually kick you out for whatever reason they want to- just most of them don’t because they aren’t dicks or don’t want the publicity.  Your bartender can ask you to leave if you’re drunk already, or simply because you are known for causing trouble.  Well, a store can also ask you to not enter or leave if they want you to be wearing a mask.  It’s that simple.  You aren’t getting them “shut down” for that in this climate, it’s just not happening.

I was genuinely shocked by how many folks seem to think that this is a “civil rights issue”, no asshats, it’s a health and safety issue.  If you won’t wear a mask in a store, EVEN if they’re providing them, then go to another store.  There are a handful of reasons where a doctor may recommend that someone not wear a mask, and that is okay.  People with those reasons do still appreciate that other people are wearing masks, and are, from the people who I know who can’t wear masks, very willing to get supplies from a different place if they need to.  I seriously do have people in my feed who aren’t supposed to wear masks, but none of them have decided that their civil rights have been violated.  This mask wearing isn’t forever, it’s a temporary state.

Today I ventured out with my trusty mask to go to the Farmer’s Market (so much better during the week), the seafood market (also so much better during the week), and to pick up our “Produce Project” box.  I wore my mask, used gloves which were provided at the Seafood Market, and now that I found some hand sanitizer, made sure to use it in-between.  I do understand that wonderful breath that you take when you get that mask off, I really do.  You might be getting pretty used to the mask thing, but that sweet, cool first breath is pretty awesome, I’ll admit.

It was cold and rainy today, and my calves were still hurting, so I made due with walking the dog twice in the neighborhood in my galoshes and umbrella get-up.  I am pleased to report that my resistance bands really did give some of my arm muscles a workout and I had some arm soreness today too! Tomorrow is supposed to be another soggy day, so I’m going to work on some resistance stuff on different muscle groups, but I cannot wait to get back out into nature!  I heard that pools may be opening up- the only thing that I would want a pool for is to finally be able to take a regular water aerobics class.  I crave one of those.  Otherwise, I don’t know how they’re gonna keep those kids from being all up on each other.  Sounds like germ city.


How Ready Are You For Phase 2?

Guidelines are already out for what is looking to be Phase 2 of reopening, but is anyone really ready for that?  First of all, it’s going to be bringing people back to work, some of which may not be ready to put themselves at that much risk (I mean, it’s not like March was ALL THAT LONG AGO).  Second off, yes, I miss restaurants, but do I think that I could relax and eat in one after all this? Oh hell no!

It will be at 50% capacity and with only a handful of tables.  The staff will all be in masks and we will be wearing them until the food gets there.  There are a ton of additional rules (which are great), but personally?  Every mask I see, plastic fork where this used to be a “nice restaurant”, and neighbor 6 feet away is going to remind me that we are in a pandemic, and there is no way I could be comfortably eating out in public in that.  Not to mention how people are just waiting to be able to abuse restaurant workers again, but now it’s going to be all of the worst of the worst.  The “don’t tread on me” crowd, the people who are going to ask to speak to a manager and show their asses.  This is going to bring out “Raleigh’s Finest”, I’m sure.

Official List Of Reopening Guidelines, click here!!!

I miss City Market Sushi.  I miss Bida Manda too.  Maybe being able to have their dining rooms open means that they will also be able to do some take out again (I understand why that wasn’t a viable option for them), and I will definitely partake in that take out, but I don’t know when I will ever feel okay sitting inside a restaurant.  I’m sure sitting outside on a patio will come (for me), way before sitting inside of one will.

On a different note, I want to tell you all that I love rain.  I have always loved rain.  I love the sound of it, the smell of it.  I know that we need it and I love it for the plants.  Today was the first day in a very long time that I felt perturbed by rain because I didn’t get to go out and walk/jog/run.  I needed to have a day off from it, you’re supposed to take those, but I find it difficult to do.  Do you find it difficult to take “rest days”?  I know that you have to let your muscles heal, but I can’t help but feel just lazy.  I did do some arm exercises today with my bandy thingies.  My arms aren’t what hurt, it’s my calves, which are so incredibly sore, so yes, I know it is necessary, but it still makes me feel like a lazy-butt.  I made sure to eat plenty of protein so these calves will hurry up and heal.

I tried to do some burpees today, and discovered 4 reps in that my right part of my abdominal muscles hurt, and not in that satisfying way, in that “no, you should give us the day off too” way.  It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow too, and I may have to clear out some room in my living room (there is no space for exercise in there), and try to find some yoga on some channel somewhere (or YouTube, I’m not picky).  My kingdom for an indoor water aerobics class :/.  I wonder if future me will be a gym rat when I grow up?  I could see it happening now, where I couldn’t before.  Well, enjoy the rain, folks, and order take-out.  I’m not feeling this “let’s all sit around in masks and pretend nothing is wrong” vibe that N.C. is giving off.

To Mask Or Not To Mask

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about tonight.  I proudly did over 6 miles on my run again today.  Dinner was modest, spaghetti, specifically because I wanted some really bad (I find that I’ve been actually craving carbs and protein a lot lately, I think it’s a good sign).  I planted some zinnias and marigolds in an area of the yard that doesn’t currently have anything blooming.  The dog is pleased to report that I took him on the first hour of my walk today- which was truly walking, as the dog isn’t as into this jogging thing as I am.  I wanted to share these pretty flowers that I stumbled upon (which I did in a simple post, as most people do not like to read random blathering).

I did want to share this great article about exercising outdoors during the COVID.

It contains tons of actually scientific advice about the virus and how it spreads (down to the ppm, how many ppm exist per different scenario, etc.), and may put some folks’ minds at ease.  I don’t want people to feel so afraid that they literally won’t even take a neighborhood walk, and I know folks have got to be feeling stir-crazy, so take the time to enjoy this read.

I wanted to write about this because I have seen some controversy on wether or not people should be wearing masks during every activity outdoors, which includes running and biking.  Honestly?  I personally don’t have the lung strength yet to be able to run with a mask outdoors, I would probably black out or pass out, but I’ve found that, at least where we are in Raleigh, it is very easy to avoid other people.  In more densely populated places, I would think that you would want to keep to less populated areas (like neighborhoods), or you might need to wear a mask if social distancing outdoors isn’t possible (like going to a park that is somewhat crowded).  Honestly?  I totally avoided Moore Square yesterday because there were just a lot of people, I knew I wasn’t wearing a mask, and there are so many places to run here in DTR, you just don’t even have to do that to yourself.

“The Risks- Know Them- Avoid Them” is another great article, posted by Abby Nardo yesterday (if you follow her), that may help decrease some of your anxiety.  It definitely helped mine.  The main thing to remember about the virus is that it loves the indoors, especially the indoors with lots of people, and it can travel via air vents in places that aren’t well ventilated.  It also requires a certain amount of time traveling like that to infect people, so definitely keep those store trips short, make your list, be purposeful, and wear your mask.

Some places that I have been, which have been enjoyable and have less risk of exposure are Logan’s in Seaboard Station, and the Farmer’s Market.  The outside plant section at Logan’s is easy to distance in (just have patience with everyone), and you only have to go inside long enough to pay (or grab whatever it is you need and pay).  The Farmer’s Market when it ISN’T 99 cent chicken day, (avoid that if you are virus afraid, it looks like a hot mess to deal with), is outdoors, and if you go during the week, it’s definitely sparsely populated.

I think that even though a lot of folks are refusing to wear masks, they are here to stay for many.  I’m going to continue to wear mine in public.  I have not had anyone “make fun of me” for it, but I also tend not to go places where those kinds of folks go (I have literally not seen the inside of a Wal-mart or a Target in months).  I also think that I might lose my entire shit on someone who did that and end up in jail, sooooooo, here’s hoping no one does???

Last plug, there is a mask selling event at Flex Nightclub on the patio tomorrow (today), Saturday from 12-3 pm.  These masks are SUPER COOL, I saw Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, bears and cub material, all kinds of cool stuff AND there are ones made in larger sizes for bigger heads and beards, so I’m definitely picking up a couple for my big headed, big bearded better half tomorrow.  See you there, maybe?