The Full Moon

Today we did 25 showers in the shower truck, for a total of 215 showers so far.  I’m glad that we had a shower truck, because it is the end of the month, which means we were extremely busy, it was hotter than 20 hells, and tempers were also high.

Q looked at me and said “Did y’all put something in the coffee?”  I said, “It’s the full moon.”

Back when I was a bartender, there were several occasions where I had nights that were so odd, and people who were acting so strange, that I would walk outside after dark and look up just to see… there it was.  The full moon.  I’d walk back inside to report the problem to my coworkers.

I know that some folks don’t believe in that stuff, but let me tell you, after years and years of working with the public, I can tell a full moon shift without even looking outside anymore.  Something really does happen to people.  It’s said to be related to the shifting of the tides, the shifting of water, and we’re just big ole’ water bags, walking around like hairless monkeys.  It’s what humans do.  Humans are messy.

Luckily, we were able to squelch the arguments and head off the territorial pissings, but it definitely took patience, and we had to pick our battles.  The 30th of every month is always busy- new people we’ve never seen, epic lunch lines, the nap room literally full end to end.  The end of the month is when people run out of resources.  When people run out of resources in mass, they come to the center.

If it wasn’t the full moon, it still looked like the 30th to me.