Then, I got soaked to the bone.

I felt deceived today!  The rain went away for a while, and I saw our neighborhood “hot running guy” run through, so I figured if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me.  I got myself ready, stretched, and took to the road.  I saw the dog walking people, and the dog running stroller-lady.  I thought I was in good company, so I headed for the greenway.

I break through the other side of one of those greenway tunnels.  It starts misting, no big deal.  Then it’s just lightly sorta-raining.  Then all hell breaks loose.  I was a full 15 minutes away from the house no matter how you slice it.  Have you ever had to walk in such furious rain, that you could barely keep your eyes open? I have.  I actually remember the exact moment when I was so soaked that the rain pierced my underwear.  Literally soaked to the bone.

As I was walking past Chavis Heights, an older man had turned in front of me with an umbrella, smoking a cigarette.  He slowed down, and offered to walk with me as long as he could with his umbrella.  His name was Renaldo.  It definitely wasn’t social distanced, but here we were, two people in a straight up and down pouring type of rain, dodging puddles, me soaked through the skin.  There is a time and a place for everything.  I hope that whoever the powers that be decide that me, this man, and this umbrella are going to be okay.  I just couldn’t say no to a man, coming out of a housing project, with a cane and an umbrella who WAITED for me, just so he could be helpful.  Couldn’t do it.

I learned that he was a vet, and he felt lucky to have gotten one of those nice, new apartments in Chavis Heights (and it really is very nice).  He told me that they have a key fob to get in and whenever I go by, there are always people sitting out on their little patios, which all look beautiful and spring-like with plants and little tables and chairs.  I was also pleased with myself that I didn’t want to ask him for a cigarette lol.  It was nice to see that there are still kind, helpful people out there.

When I got home, I had to literally peel my clothes off, and they were so wet that I rung them out in the sink like rags.  I’m glad that I went hard for my first 15 minutes because my walk back trying not to bust my ass or land in a puddle definitely brought my average speed down, but at least it wasn’t cold outside.

The rest of the day was nothing so crazy, read some of my book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver.  Had a very frank and informative talk with my nibling, Devin.  Made black bean burgers tonight because we hadn’t had them in a long time.  Watched a movie called “Uncut Gems” with Adam Sandler in it that I actually really didn’t enjoy.  I hate watching people gamble over sports- I dated someone like that for a while and it was the most miserable thing to watch someone go through.  It is also miserable to go to a bookie’s house, because it just is.  In any case, that movie took me back to a time of life that I would never want to relive.

It’s Friday!  That doesn’t mean much to a lot of folks, but if you’re one of the ones that it means something to, Happy Friday!