Thyme after Thyme

People are gardening more than ever this year, and there has never been a more beautiful spring for it.  I garden every year, and this year I decided that one of the raised beds in my front yard had to become a dedicated herb garden.  Going into the front yard is more feasible than the back yard, and herb gardens should be close to kitchens.  This year, I went all out with it, choosing several variegated varieties of favorite herbs, as well as standards to create something not only functional, but beautiful.

I began with a standard English Thyme (shown below), and went from there.  Almost every herb has a more ornamental variegated variety (all perfectly edible, just even more interesting).  I took a trip to Logan’s (very pleasant, only 5 people in the big, outside area, all wearing masks), and found some of the most stunning plants!  I’ve linked each type to either a wiki page, or a page where other pictures of the plant can be found.

Lemon Thyme

Silver Thyme

Variegated Thyme “Foxley”

( to the far right), Variegated Sage “Aurea”



I have 4 of this assortment of basil clusters, which were planted all in one big container, which I then separated into clusters.  This group includes Italian Basil, Sweet Basil, and Thai Basil (the purple colored one).  I also have several parsley plants (both curly and Italian), not pictured.

I’m hoping to document the progress of this bed all summer as it fills in.  I have two pepper plants in the center as well, so that should look nice come fall, when peppers make that second big push to set fruit.  I’m watering these new babies every day so that they’ll stick around and not dry up.  Even though the temperatures have been mild, the wind has been heavy, causing transpiration (this is where water moves up the plant and escapes from the leaves due to heat, wind, or both).  I definitely want these guys to have an awesome root system before the crazy, hot weather gets here.

Herbs are easy to raise in pots, so if you’re feeling like you want some tasty fresh treats, or you just want a little something to take care of and watch grow, choose some of your favorites and have at it. Water potted, outdoor plants every day.  I have never overwatered an outdoor potted plant in North Carolina with daily watering, it’s nearly impossible with our nasty, hot summers, so don’t be afraid.  You can do it.  I do it every year, “thyme after thyme”.