The Craziest Thing Happened Today

Today my friend, Joe came by to pick up something that he ordered in the mail, and Elliot answered the door first. When I heard light speaking and the door close, I popped out and said “Hey, was that Joe?” It was, so I ran outside to try to catch him. I yelled for him a couple of times and he finally heard me and turned around. I told him I would walk with him to the bus stop, and he waited for me to grab my phone and my sunglasses. All of this sounds pretty normal, right?

So we start walking to the bus stop on MLK, and right before we got to the road, we heard a car get hit and it was LOUD! Then we saw the car, skidding sideways, driver’s side bashed in.  We quickened the pace, but there were plenty of people already calling 911, MLK is a very traveled street.  As we walked towards the bus stop, we saw broken glass everywhere, the side mirror, pieces of car, all in front of and on the sidewalk of the bus stop.  Right there.

In this moment, we both realized, that had anything different happened, had I answered the door, had Joe not heard me call his name, had I not gone back to get my sunglasses, he, alone, or he and I both, would have been at that bus stop right when that car got hit in front of it.  At the very least, one or both of us would have been cut up with shattered glass and projectile car pieces.  All it would have taken was the difference of 1 minute.

The police arrived and blocked off the road.  Joe and I turned around and headed back to my house, sort of shaken, realizing that we had literally near missed a tragedy that could have changed the course of the day. We decided it was best to take my car to the next destination, and got a couple of sandwiches at the house.  Our minds were pretty much blown.

We pulled up at our friend, Tori’s house, about 5 minutes away and told her our crazy story of the day.  She was also unnerved by it.  It only takes 1 minute for a life to change.  We know that every day.  We probably know it even better now because we are all wondering “Who or what will I interact with that is going to get me deathly ill”.  We’re choosing small groups of friends to be able to socialize with, now that we’ve all been locked down for a couple of months.  We’re getting used to all of the precautions that we have to take everyday to run simple errands.  We’re all on guard all of the time, and yet there are still so many outliers.  Things we cannot predict or know.  Moments that make you forget that riding in cars with people can be dangerous because you are both breathing the same air.

Sometimes you are just grateful that both of you have that air to breathe.

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