Moving… it’s a whole thing

No one enjoys moving, and recently, we not only moved, but also moved my sister.  I’m not in a big hurry to do any of that again.  My blog has suffered, the center’s blog has suffered, but now, I think, things are getting more on track.

I’m embracing the letting go of things.  I’m embracing as much minimalism as I can muster.  I’ve been living out of a Rubbermaid container for a couple of weeks, so I know that I can do with less.  The sheer amount of junk that people can collect is pretty wild.  It’s out of control.  My friend, Billy, asked me yesterday if we were having a house-warming party, and I said “I’m afraid that people will bring me stuff”.

In nifty news, I get to go furniture shopping for my birthday this year, so that’s pretty cool.  I haven’t done that in a good while, and all of our livingroom furniture has seen better days.  I purged my shoes.  I purged our kitchen ware.  I’ve purged clothing, and will purge more.  It’s a good feeling, cleaning and clearing out your life.

I haven’t really had time to plan a Halloween costume, though I did get some candy.  I haven’t really cooked much, though I did make our first dinner last night (and the Barbie dream stove works better than I expected).  I also TOTALLY DIDN’T set off the fire alarm (lol).  I haven’t planned a big shindig for my fortieth, but I think buying a house is big enough.  It’s more than most people get, and I feel blessed with it.  I’m pretty excited about Billy being my neighbor.  I’m really in love with the neighborhood cats.  It’s cute, and I know that we’re going to discover EVEN MORE good stuff about living in a new space.

We love our paint colors too, btw :).

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