A week full of WINS

I can’t even express how grateful I am or how proud of Love Wins and our amazing staff this week.  We celebrate the wins we get, because sometimes those can be far between when times are tough, but today our hearts are full and everyone is enjoying their Saturdays with a peaceful heart.

This week we’re been able to pair up 3 more people with glasses so that they can see clearly, and it was such a big win for all of them and us.  Our campaign this week has been “The Eyes Of March“, and it is truly working!  Just check out these happy folks who can now see:


Jenny, keeps up our kitchen and now she can see!
Kenisha just re-enrolled in High School and now she can see the board and be successful!
Norman is striking his “serious pose” with his new glasses. Now he doesn’t have to struggle to read the paper!
Jersey can see! He texts me a “Thank you” almost every day. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Typically, that’s more than enough to fill my soul, but this week, Blu Honeycutt finished her classes and became our peer support specialist!!!  She hit the ground running, and this week she successfully got two of our folks into rehab programs!  She’s staying in touch with them both and offering ongoing support by just being there on the other end of the line when they need that extra encouragement.  She’s spent all week working one-on-one with the community to help them reach their goals.

A huge win this week came unexpectedly last night, after we were all off of work.  Our family of 7 were approved to start their program at Family Promise, one of the only non-profits in Wake County that work with entire families.  We weren’t expecting it to happen so quickly.  We were in it for the long haul, writing the above linked blog to try to secure their hotel room for a few more days, independent members of the community started “gofundme” accounts, people stopped me in the grocery store to ask how they can help.  It was an amazing outpouring.  We can now apply the donated funds towards their longer term goal of getting a van through Wheels for Hope , a non-profit that helps folks with affordable automobiles!

Mom with baby girl. Now they’ll have housing.
Such a sweet little face.

To round out our week, Alyssa, Blu and I went to our orientation for the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina.  We are now a partner agency and can get the things that we need not only to make breakfast and lunch every day, but to also keep our food pantry stocked so that we can keep providing emergency food assistance to people and families in need.  As our numbers at the center grow, this will be so valuable.  It was like a wonderland!!!  We can get free potatoes!!!  No more buying them!  We can get entire cases of grits for the nutrition program, and even more amazingly, we can get meat for breakfast and lunch for a small donation of only .19/lb.!  This small donation helps the food bank be able to maintain and deliver product all over Central and Eastern N.C., and it a fraction of what we would pay retail to continue to provide healthy meals.

Here’s our certification! Now to get it laminated!

I am so incredibly proud of my staff and our organization this week!  If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you can donate here to Love Wins Community Engagement Center and please share this blog or any of our Love Wins blogs so that we can keep up the momentum.  We have a long term goal of being able to hire some more people specifically from our community so that they can afford to stay housed while being engaged in highly rewarding work.  We would like to be able to hire a community kitchen manager who will be able to manage our volunteers and meals in our church kitchen in the future.  We don’t have the budget for it yet, but hopefully, in the future we will, and that will be a HUGE WIN!



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